Friday, October 8, 2010

Christian Student

I am A Christian Student, A Warrior and a Member Of God’s Team,
I serve the people around me in class or at home
by reflecting God's Love.
I will always place God first in my life.
I will never accept defeat and cave to worldly temptation.
I will Never Quit shining my Light in a world of darkness
I will never leave a wounded student or cause another to stumble.
I will honor God by lifting others up in prayer
even when it seems they are my enemy.
To have an open mind toward new people and friends and
not belong to one social group.
I may be out numbered in my classroom but I am not alone,
God is by my side.
God remind me that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and to put on the full armor of God before stepping into the battle field of my school. Open my eyes to the destruction and wounds that the devil has afflicted on those around me, so I can help them by praying for them and plant seed for Your Kingdom.
Guard my heart, mind and body as I stand boldly
as a Christian Student in my School.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Christian Marriage Creed

We ARE A Christian Couple, a part of a Unified team.
We Will always Put God First
We will Not accept defeat, Divorce is not an option
We will Never Quit trying to work things out.
We will Never leave each other We said “until death do us part.”

Our marriage is our Mission that is Physically and Mentally tough,
But with God in the Center it will not fail.
We will always maintain or Faith in God, and our Vows to each other
by daily lifting each other up in prayer .

We remember That fighting is only a weapon that the devil uses to attack our marriage foundation and that each broken piece is used to build a wall between us.

We accept the true that our marriage is not perfect but our spouse is a wonderful gift that God has blessed us with to care for.

Dear God, Thank for the Gift of Marriage that I have with my wonderful spouse Please remain in the center of our marriage, as we work together to met each challenge.
Help us to seek shelter in You, when the storms are ragging around us.
Help us to forgive each other Daily for anything the we may do or say.
Help us to guard our mouths when we disagree. Remind us that YELLING only Opens the door for more painful memories and awakens hurt feeling from the past and that is fuel that the devil use to destroy or Marriage . Remind us throughout the day that We are not perfect, but we are perfect for each other, and that our Marriage is Your Perfect Plan. FOR We are on a mission for Your Kingdom, WE ARE Christian Couple. Amen.

Friday, April 9, 2010

I am a Christian Soldier,
A warrior and a member of God's Team.
I serve the people of my Community, My nation, The World,
and live by the values found only in God's Word.
I Will ALWAYS put GOD first,
I Will NEVER accept defeat from the Devil.
I will NEVER Quit shinning a Light into the world of Darkness.
I will NEVER leave a fallen Christian
or cause other Christian to stumble.
I am Disciplined, Physically and mentally strong
threw Christ who gives me strength.
Trained and Equipped for battle, with the Full armor of God,
for all scripture is Gods Breath
and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training
in Righteousness, for His Name sake.
I always maintain My Mind, My Body, and My Spirit,
by reading God Word.
I accept the truth That I am NOTHING without Christ.
I stand ready to Go wherever God Leads,
and to engage and destroy any work of the Devil in Jesus Name.
Jesus, Be the Guardian of My heart, as I do your work on this earth.
Help me to see the needs of other's in my community
and to put their needs before my own.
Conceal me in You so that everyone sees You and not me.
For I am your humble servant, ready to serve,
ready to fight in Your army. I am a Christian Soldier.