Thursday, April 19, 2012

Christian Leader

As a Christian Leader I am more than just a Soldier in God’s Army,

I am A living example for others to follow. 

To remember that I am Human, 
but in Christ I am so much more.

I Have put on the Full Armor of God,

and were it with Honor. 
I Will Study and apply God’s Word to my heart daily.
To put aside the things of this world 
That interfere With God’s Plan for my Life. 
To remember that the things of this world will fade, 
There’s too much at stake to play around, we are at war.
I am a Christian Soldier at War in God’s Army. 

The Battle rages and never sleeps, 
I must have a 24/7 readied heart
to hear and see the battle cries around me ,
To keep myself readied to engage at anytime both day and night. 
Not only to know the Creed but live the Creed,

The Bible is my Sword, 
The Holy Spirit is my Guide,
The Devil is my defeated enemy, 
And all I have to do is take a Stand, 
God has done all the rest.